On the Road Again…

Ok so technically we haven’t actually been on the road yet but who can resist a Willie Nelson classic title for a post about shoving 6 people in an RV for weeks at a time?!?!

Our first trip is coming up seriously fassssst. I’m not gunna lie, I’m sweating a little as I type this. I’m really excited to kick things off as the main speaker for a large women’s retreat in Bandon, OR Feb 27- March 1!! We’re going fearless and I can’t wait to see what God has for this incredible group of women!!

A lot of you have asked us what our route is… so here’s an approximate map of what we’re thinking. Are you or your church, or your sister’s best friend’s aunt’s cousin’s uncle’s church, women’s/men’s group anywhere near where we’re going??? We’d love to meet them or speak if it works!! Here’s our map… almost 3000 miles of pure unadulterated “adventure” aka four boys in a confined area for large amounts of time. Arizona, prepare to be McPhailed, I hope you can handle this much crazy! Here we goooooooo!!!

Wanna know what the heck we speak about??? Click here to get the low down!

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