STRIKE-Logo-blackThe STRIKE Retreat is designed to inspire you to risk because of what God has already done in you.  It’s designed for you to find freedom to move forward through fear.  It’s designed to help you breakthrough the bondage that’s been holding you back for years and in some cases generations.

The foundation of Christianity is RISK.  Some would say its love.  But RISK is the core of love. Wherever you’ve stopped risking, you’ve stopped loving.  Where you’ve stopped loving you’ve stopped living.  Where you’ve stopped living . . .  you’re STUCK.

Isn’t it time to stop hiding?

Isn’t it time to embrace adventure and feel alive with your family, marriage, career, faith and future?

We have an obsession with boxes.  We live in them, drive them, go to work in them, attend church services in them.  Boxes aren’t wrong UNLESS they start to define you.  If you get too caught up in making your box nice, comfortable and safe – you start to squeeze out the life you think your building.  You love less, risk less and live less. You allow pain or shame or guilt to take over.

The good news is LOVE IS A PERSON.  Jesus calls you to RISK in His strength.  There’s MORE than you ever hoped or imagined and it’s so much closer than you think. In Numbers 13-14 the Israelites wanted to kill Joshua and Caleb for daring to believe God believing nothing was impossible.  It’s was easier to stay in the safe box than consider risk.  It was easier to remain a slave than pursue freedom.

What if you could get unstuck?  Start risking – loving – living?

You Can.

Join us.

MEN’S STRIKE – September 18-20, 2015 – Wilderness Trails Lodge

|S T R I K E| phase one

THE STRIKE MANIFESTO:: There is nothing average or ordinary about this retreat! Why?  As you’ll see below, this retreat starts 10 days before you arrive when you are given the STRIKE Manifesto.  Each of the 7 declarations in the  Manifesto are designed to free  you up and most importantly guide you to identifying the STRIKES that are most important for YOU.  You’ll come to the retreat having already done the “work” and the retreat will actually be – A RETREAT. You’ll be able to rest.   You’ll go home with the plan you created before you arrived; only now you’ll have the clarity and passion you’ve longed for.  When you get home, you’ll be able to connect with the same group of people who are on the same journey to help with every start, stumble and success you have moving forward.

COMMUNITY:: During STRIKE you’ll have the time you need with like minded men.  When you register you’ll receive an invitation to join a private facebook group with everyone else coming to STRIKE. This group will allow us to get to know one another but it will also be a place of preparation and encouragement before and after the retreat.

|S T R I K E| phase two

AN OPEN SCHEDULE::  STRIKE will be full of powerful Spirit lead content that will deeply encourage you. It will also be balanced lots of free time to sleep, relax and enjoy all that the Wilderness Trails lodge has to offer.

GREAT FOOD:: We like food. A LOT! This weekend will be filled with hearty meals and snacks so come hungry!

AN ADVENTURE WITHIN:: Hiking, archery and a climbing wall are just a few of the perks that come with the Wilderness Trails Lodge. There will be smores and campfires and all of the traditional “camp” stuff!  That said, STRIKE is designed as an “ADVENTURE WITHIN” retreat. This means along with outdoor fun and free time, we’ll be diving in to the amazing transformation God wants to continue inside of you.

RAW LEADERSHIP:: For the last year my heart’s cry has been MORE of Jesus. It’s in the MORE of HIM that fear and insecurity are obliterated and we are set free. It’s in the MORE that we discover, just like Joshua and Caleb, God designed us to trust Him in the midst of the “giants in the land.”  He is calling us somewhere beyond ourselves to something greater than anything we can ever accomplish on our own. He is calling us to STRIKE, to take action, to walk forward, even if the steps seem small at first. He is calling us out of comfort and into courage. STRIKE was born from a story of death to life… and it’s only just begun.

|S T R I K E| phase three

30 DAY DAILY S T R I K E GUIDE:: giving you practical courage and daily spiritual inspiration to help you boldly continue to run toward “that” thing God gives you at the retreat.

CONTINUED COMMUNITY:: via the STRIKE private facebook group. As a closed group it’s a great place to continue building relationships with other men who have just been through the same life altering experience you have! It will be a place of encouragement when you need the strength to move forward!

POST RETREAT COACHING SESSION:: It’s easy to get excited and inspired during a retreat when we’re surrounded by others who are also longing to go deeper with God. It’s quite another thing to keep that enthusiasm once we get back to the real world. This coaching session will be scheduled  a couple of weeks AFTER you get home. It will be a great boost to ensure you continue to run toward what he has for you in the face of challenges, fears and real life.

COST: $197