Is God Really Our Provider?

The Following is an excerpt from our STRIKE Manifesto, designed to rock you and set you free.

If we’re worried or anxious about what we think God hasn’t provided, it will incapacitate our ability to be creative. You may be thinking, “Well, I’m not the creative type,” but God is the Creator of the universe and He made you in His image. You may not have identified how it manifests itself in you, but YOU ARE CREATIVE. One of the biggest lies we can believe about ourselves is that we aren’t creative. To polarize ourselves and say we’re only good at A, B or C is limiting the Holy Spirit and is essentially sending a message to God that He’s not actually the Provider in your life.

In Genesis 22 Abraham refers to God as Jehovah Jireh “God the Provider.” Has it ever occurred to you that God provides more than finances? He provides EVERYTHING we need spiritually, materially, physically and emotionally. He is the only provider! For too long the church has wrongly taught that men are the provider of their families, but this is completely inconsistent with God’s word. This shift in thinking changes EVERYTHING, and it opens the door for true connection and dependence on God. How would accepting God as the provider for everything in your life change you today? When we recognize how significant Jehovah Jireh is, we have a new understanding of rest, marital bliss, healing, adventure and peace.

Describe a time in your life, now or in the past, when you’ve felt God hasn’t provided for you? (Write down the very first thought that comes to your mind.) What was the situation?


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