We’d love to come speak at your conference or retreat! We come separately or as a package deal. here are some of the areas we like to speak about…

BOOKING FOR SPRING TOUR NOW! If you’re in California, Arizona or Nevada we have dates from March 1-15 available!
I am passionate about women KNOWING WHO THEY ARE so they can live the lives they were CREATED TO LIVE. Here’s just a few of the topics I speak on:
Main Keynote:
Nothing Is Impossible… knowing what you were created for.
Some other topics include:
  • Going Fearless: Daring To Start Living Your Impossible
  • Identity: Becoming Who We Are Created To Be
  • Breakthrough
  • Out of Hiding
  • Wonder (Experiencing God vs. Knowing About God)
  • Purpose
  • Getting Real
  • Putting our dreams into action… What does it take to STRIKE the ax in your life?
  • The East Wind: What happens when we let go of the safety of slavery and dive into the life God has invited us to?

Main Keynotes:
Destinations are Overrated
Jehovah Jireh – God is our provider

Other Topics:

  • STRIKE: Putting dreams into action
  • The power of curiosity
  • Marriage
  • Leadership
  • Fundraising for Christian Organizations

CJ – Living Our Questions
Lindsay – Wonder

Upcoming Events:
Feb. 2 Women’s Fight Night. 7PM The Bohemian Club, Medford, OR
Feb. 27- March 1 Fearless Retreat … Camp Bradley,  Bandon, Oregon
March 1 – March 15 California- Arizona Tour – C.J. & Lindsay
April 6 – Women’s Fight Night. 7 pm The Bohemian Club, Medford, OR – Lindsay
April 24-25 Simply Jesus Conference, Bethel Church, Medford, OR – Lindsay
April 24-26 Men’s STRIKE Retreat, Wilderness Trails, Ashland, OR – C.J.
May 4th Women’s Fight Night. 7PM The Bohemian Club, Medford, OR – Lindsay
May 29th-31st Women’s STRIKE Retreat. Wilderness Trails, Ashland, OR – Lindsay
October (Exact Date TBA) Women’s Conference, Medford OR – Lindsay

For Booking details fill out the contact form or email me at

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