In 2011 we received a gift only a couple hundred people in the world have ever received, a home from ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Since then God has challenged us to open up and get real so that others are freed up to do the same. God has opened our eyes to what it means to truly live,  no matter what our circumstances look like. We know that right now, today, God is looking at all of us and whispering, “If you really believe I am who I say I am, then you have to believe that absolutely NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.” Our hearts are to build up leaders in the Kingdom of God and to facilitate opportunities for you to awaken to a life of freedom, love and adventure! It won’t always look pretty, it won’t always feel safe but saying YES to God leads us to depths in our relationship with Him that we never could have dreamed of! Let’s start this together!

More About The McPhail’s:
C.J.’s Bio:
I am the husband to Lindsay and Dad to Sawyer, Thatcher, Crew and Charlie.  I’m an Autism advocate, Pastor, Chaplain, Director of Development and former National Program Director for Sparrow Clubs USA.  Our story has been highlighted in two published books and highlighted on National Television as the 200th family to receive a home on ABC’s EMHE.  I now write, speak, coach, train, teach for Christians longing for more and faith based organizations who need to substantially increase their impact, income and influence.

Lindsay’s Bio:
Hi I’m Lindsay. I’m a mom of 4 crazy… I mean wonderful boys. I’ve been married to my best friend for 14 terribly awesome years. We’ve been through so much from miscarriages and losing everything, to having 2 of our four boys diagnosed with autism. I’m passionate about leading others to TRUST God like never before so they can fully experience the life they are created for. I love to write, and speak and am currently in the process of getting my leadership coaching certification. More than anything, right now, I want you to know that you have unique greatness inside of you, but it can only be accessed through raw vulnerable authentic faith… which means it’s just time to get real.

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